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Cancer is among the most feared disease in the world today, but great leaps forward in detection and treatment mean more people are surviving it. There are an estimated 28 million cancer survivors worldwide.

Armed with information from the unprecedented access to information made possible by the internet, and an increasingly sophisticated knowledge of the importance of our lifestyle choices  we now have the power to drastically reduce our risk of developing many of the most lethal cancers.

In Malaysia, at the forefront of this exciting revolution and advances in the detection and treatment of cancer is Beacon Hospital. From our humble beginnings in 2005, Beacon Hospital has over the years evolved to become a Cancer Specialist Hospital with a singular vision to combat cancers with advanced therapies and facilities.

Beacon has in fact been one of the pioneer in the field of Cancer management in two senses: one, in being completely focused on this healthcare discipline, and two, being the installed site of the Halcyon in Malaysia.

Beacon Hospital continues to maintain our position as one of the pioneers in delivering radiosurgery and radiotherapy with a complete solution from diagnostics to delivery of treatment.At Beacon Hospital, our management team believes in a personalised approach catering to our patient’s needs in a holistic manner. This has since become a model that is widely emulated by other health care facilities here and abroad.



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