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RADIANT MEDICARE is a sure, affordable Health Insurance for Employees and Families. With RADIANT MEDICARE, Employees and their Families can enjoy customized, comprehensive and cost effective medical cover offered through our panel of excellent service providers;The policy offers in-patient and out–patient medical cover tailored to provide adequate protection against a wide range of medical expenses arising from both illness and accident, including chronic ailments and HIV/AIDS.

Members access medical services using a Medical Card through a countrywide network of medical service providers appointed by RADIANT INSURANCE COMPANY including major hospitals like KING FAYSAL HOSPITAL, CHUK, KANOMBE MILITARY HOSPITAL, and many others.

Expenses covered by the policy include both outpatient and inpatient care consecutive to all sorts of illnesses, accidents or maternity care as follows:Radiant insurance Company offers medical insurance covers locally and internationally and we have partnership


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