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BasicNeeds-Ghana is a mental health and development advocacy organisation that implements and promotes initiatives to transform the lives of people with mental illness or epilepsy by providing access to integrated mental health care, social and economic services in the communities of Ghana.

In the process, we empower individuals and their families and involve communities and partner with government and other organisations to influence public opinion and policy and enable people with mental illness or epilepsy to live and work successfully in their community.

BasicNeeds-Ghana is a registered Non-Government Organisation in Ghana. Operations of BasicNeeds in Ghana began in 2002, with the establishment of the Northern Ghana Programme to implement and adapt the model for mental health and development in an African context.

The project ‘New initiatives in mental health and development’ was successfully implemented leading to the establishment of another programme in the Accra metropolitan area in 2002 as part of replicating the mental health and development model within an urban context. The experiences of the northern Ghana programme necessitated that the Accra programme pursue the development of a national community mental health service through working with existing mental health institutions.


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