Virtual Practice for Doctors and health care professionals


Free unlimited patient users

  Languages Available : English , Spanish  and Brazilian Portuguese

 Clinic Consultation 

Appointment scheduling and management for clinic visits. Quick access for bookings, confirmations and reminders to ensure your patients don’t miss their consultations

Text Consultation

A convenient way for patients to ask their health questions directly and get their queries resolved with options to include attachments like reports, images , prescriptions etc

Video Consultation *

Telemedicine with appointment booking and post session consultation.Easy to follow up and keep track of patients between visits through real time video consultations and sharing summaries

Home Consultations

Support for health teams to schedule and co-ordinate home visits  ( coming soon )



Remote Monitoring

 Customizable home care plans with health trackers to monitor patient health & intervention. enabling patients to share  their health readings and stay on track.

Personal Health Records

Convenient and secure access for your practice & patients to their health records and medical history that can be updated and accessed anytime 

Billing & Payments

Billing and payment gateway for patient engagement services, whether online or in-clinic

Mobile Apps (iOS/Android)

App for providers and  Care app for patients to access Virtual Practice services


Standard prescriptions for clinic or online services which can be printed, saved or shared

Health Blog

Patient education through informative blog articles and health tips


Automated patient notifications and reminders through SMS, email and mobile app

Custom branded patient portal

With custom domain and attractive themes to showcase your practice

Additional charges apply for Video Streaming & SMS usage

Video streaming charges 

The cost is US$0.005225 per streamed minute. For example: a video session of 15min with 2 participants streaming will cost = $0.005225/min x 2 x 15 = $0.15675. These costs only apply for actual sessions, with both participants involved. It will not apply if one participant starts streaming video but the other participant has not joined the call. Overall usage costs will be invoiced at the end of every month, if applicable. 

SMS sending costs apply for all SMS messages sent from your Virtual Practice, including automated event alerts and also custom messages. The cost of an SMS message depends on the location of the recipient. It is important to note that 1 SMS = 160 characters. So when sending custom SMS messages, if the message is, say 300 characters long, then it shall be considered as 2 SMS messages, by the SMS services. Overall SMS sending costs will be invoiced at the end of every month, if applicable. You can opt to turn off certain notifications in your Virtual Practice. Contact us at should you have any questions.

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