Meru Jordan Hospital
Meru Jordan Hospital
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Meru Jordan Hospital


In & Outpatient

Meru Jordan Hospital is a modern fully equipped Private Hospital located at Kambakia Meru along Meru-Nanyuki Highway past Meru National polytechnic.

The rural setting and location of The Meru Jordan Hospital and its modern facilities has been the endearing factor to our many loyal clients. Indeed,  this is inspired by our unwavering urge to answer to the needs of the community on a day to day basis.

Our leading edge services are tailored both to meet the needs of the local population in Meru and patients with complex medical conditions referred from other areas in the Greater Eastern region and beyond.

Meru Jordan Hospital continually strives to maintain and strengthen its reputation as a regional center of excellence, committed to providing the highest quality care to patients and their families from the Meru and beyond.


, Meru , Kenya
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