Come out of health related uncertainties and face life with more confidence.


If there is any predisposition for some disease, effective and pro-active steps can be taken well in advance to prevent or delay the onset of that disease.

A genetic health test is what will ultimately enable you to make the best lifestyle choices. By making the lifestyle choices based upon the results of a genetic health test you can actually mitigate your risks of developing the condition. This applies to anything from prostate cancer, diabetes, breast cancer and many more.

Create a highly personalized Lifestyle plan based on your genotype,as the requirement of the type of food, exercise, hours of sleep, meditation etc. varies widely from person to person. Design a wellness management plan customized for your genetic requirement with the help of certified wellness practitioners.

Choose the right Nutritional supplements. Nutrient requirements vary with the genotypes. Hence unscientific consumption of nutritional supplements can cause serious damages. Gene testing helps you to decide on the nutrition plan including supplements.

Find your body's response to many life-saving medications - efficacy, metabolism, adverse reactions.


Advanced Health

The test looks at some of the major genes determining your efficiency at absorbing and utilizing nutrients (nutrigenomics), mood and cognition, hormones, fertility, as well as detoxification and methylation.These gene SNPs can affect your level of risk and susceptibility to various lifestyle disorders and diseases, such as: Cardiovascular risk , Cancer risk ,Fertility,Hormone imbalances , Inflammatory conditions , Autoimmune conditions , Anxiety , Depression, Allergies, Food intolerances , Chronic fatigue ,Thyroid dysfunction ,Diabetes and Insomnia

Basic Health 

This test is designed with more focus on your health and nutrition. However, more than 30 most common health challenges are being tested which can provide you a broad overview of the possible occurrence of one or more of these diseases.

Main conditions being tested - Cancer, Diabetes, Cardio Vascular, Lifestyle related, Autoimmune, Bones



Fitness and Nutrition

Create a personalized nutrition plan and customized fitness regimen based on your genes.You will have absolute  clarity on how your body responds to nutrients ,exercise and sports. Our approach is based on the science of nutrigenomics which looks at the interaction between your genes, nutrition and lifestyle choices, and how these influence the genes' messages.

Get a deeper understanding of yourself and optimize your nutrition, fitness and caffeine habits with Nutrition & Fitness.

Fitness and Sports

Identify sports and fitness activity which suits your genes.A comprehensive genetic test to give you personal knowledge in these main areas; Sport, fat burning, diet, energy metabolism, vitamins and much more.Identify which all physical activities boost your health and which all can potentially damage your health .

Spot the sports talents in  a child and hence can focus their energies on that activity     


Mental Wellness

Find the root cause for symptoms like depression , anxiety ,wanting to avoid people , having troubled thinking etc Identify possibilities of disorders like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, COD, Depression etc so as to take proactive steps.Personalized medicine is the unique tailoring of medical treatment to a patient's individual symptoms AND their genetic profiles.

Many who live with mental illness are vulnerable to other medical issues, sometimes taking more than one medication. The second component of this test allows you to understand how your other medications affect you, and evaluate if you are at risk for an adverse drug reaction (ADR).

Nutrition and Well Being

Discover meal plans, recipes and supplement suited to your DNA. With  Nutrition & Fitness, your nutrition insights will help you understand how your body responds to food.

We test your genes that will unlock secrets to how your body responds to nutrients Requirements of  nutrients vary based on the genotypes

You receive clear results with easy-to-action advice and meal plans.The science of nutrigenetics tells you which diet is right for YOU. A simple and affordable DNA test for your diet could change your life forever.


Skin and Hair

Identify the unique traits of your skin and hair.

Added to the potential of going to the very root of a skin problem, is the ability to follow a customized skincare regimen that's been designed with your specific genes in mind. It helps to make an informed choice regarding which products, from the thousands available, would make ideal choices for optimizing skincare benefits by helping identify precisely what works for you individually.

Genetic testing over the years have helped people know if hair loss is written in their genes.

Total Health

Worlds most extensive wellness test covering more than 200 Disease conditions. This can bring out the possible and probable health challenges you may encounter as per your genetic predisposition with the highest possible precision as per the industry standards.Main Conditions being tested - Metabolic (25+ conditions), Cancer (20+ conditions), Cardiovascular (15+ conditions), Drug response (15+ conditions), Conditions connected with Skin, Eyes, Bones, Fitness, Infections, Obesity, Behavioral Disorder, Lifestyle conditions like alcoholism, nicotine dependency etc.

Take charge of your own health and enjoy a healthy life


The genetic risk profile is not diagnostic in nature and should not be used as one. "High risk" for certain conditions does not necessarily mean that the patient will get that condition either now or in the future. Environmental factors and lifestyle related factors heavily influence the outcome of many of these conditions.

The tests are meant for all age groups. This is not an alternative to diagnosis or medical genetic tests offered in a clinical testing


We do not share this information to any third-party mailing lists. We may use this information to assist you in your use of our products, to assess the usefulness of product features, to request feedback about your satisfaction with our products, and to send you information about other products of ours.



Report generation

Your health and genetic information is confidential. The primary use of genetic information is to assess your genetic predisposition and report this to you (please note that your health history is not used in this report). Following your genetic counseling , we prepare an action plan to achieve your health goals - this report utilizes your health history and genetic information.


Report Delivery

All reports are delivered by email with password protection. The reports can be download by the customer after secure log in

Reports for all tests except the Total Health will be delivered in 3 weeks.

Total Heath  Report will be available in 6 weeks


De-identification of data

Before your blood/saliva/other sample enters our lab, we make sure it is assigned a unique ID and de-identified, so that your personal information is not accessible to all. Only authorised personnel from our team have access to this information. Throughout the processing, your sample is tracked by our wellness team.

Research use

Considering the importance of genetic and health information in research, we use this information without any personal identification for further analysis, with customer’s consent. During sample collection, we send out a consent form to all custome


Cancellation of orders will be processed only if the cancellation request is submitted within 24 hours of purchase.



We use Barcode tracker to manage and track information at every stage of the process – from profile creation to sample collection, processing and reporting. The system not only allows privileged based access and audit trails for information storage, but also enables delinking of personal information.

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